Saturday, April 6, 2013


For my own self, I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that pet peeves are B.S. They are selfish, self-absorbed pieces of wisdom. We think we do all of these things better than other people. No, even better: we think we have a better world view with respect to this particular manner. Futhermore, we fail to see that we ourselves have habits that are peeves of others, yet we will not change them.

for example, I have many driving pet peeves. I get really upset with people fail to use their turn signal, park equally inside parking space lines, and using the left highway lane, the passing lane, for cruising, rather than passing.

What are things that I do that are the peeves of others? I have no idea. Would I change if someone told me that I had a behavior that needed to be changed? Restated, that question reads, would I be willing to put in the conscious effort required to change a routine habit?

One problem that my peeves cause me is that it becomes a distraction - an obsession. When a person in the Costco parking lot puts their cart on a curb instead of walking it to the cart corral or to the lobby, I get angry and think about what a jerk this person is, how lazy and selfish. I have even said things to people for it. What does any of this negativity do for anyone? One thing it won't do - get people to change their habits. When I bring a cart from the parking lot inside to do my shopping, maybe someone sees me do that, says, "Geez, that makes sense," and makes it part of their routine in the future. Or, when I see someone finish putting items into their car, say, "I can take that back for you." Perhaps that will help that person see things my way.

Or I can write a blog about all the stupid shit I think and throw it out to people, thinking they'll appreciate my nonsensical stream of consciousness. :)

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