Thursday, April 18, 2013

Child Labor Redirection

I think I've mentioned that we're having some trouble with "private parts."

So, I was doing administrative work in the office in my basement while the kids played in the living / play area of the basement. Suddenly I heard, "JD, put your butt away," from Bunny.

I sneaked into the room and saw JD pulling his pants up. Then he saw me. Then a guilty look came over his face.

"JD, what happened?" I asked in a calm voice.

Meekly, he said, "I showed Bunny my butt."

"Come with me," I said. "Shed that stack of paper."

There was a large pile of papers with social security numbers, old insurance cards, credit cards, and driver's licenses.

That is one of my new strategies. Especially for JD, when he's too wound up or starts misbehaving, I have found that he responds well to redirection to some work. Cleaning up his toys or another physical task seems to take his mind off of whatever had his engine revved up.

Additionally, I get some much needed, remedial tasks taken care of.

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