Thursday, May 7, 2009

Long Time No Post???

I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post!

To anyone who checks in regularly, my apologies. However, the last month has kept my mind and body elsewhere. Specifically, the impending birth of our baby girl.

The birth of a new baby requires very little. A bassinet, diapers, blankets, and clothes. Of course, it is the peripherals that make the list long.

How about a double stroller? We went with the Bob. I haven't used it other than a test drive in a store, but it seems top notch.

Window treatments, crib bedding, and pacifier sanitizing. Washing all of the new clothes and blankets. Making room for a new person's belongings. Adjusting the way our seasonal clothes are stored.

Making lists, checking them twice.

And how about JD who's being naughty and nice?

Volatile! That's all I have to say. His sweet, fun-loving self for most of the day, but emotions getting up and down.

I am convinced that the coming of the new baby has set his sensors into code red. He can tell things are changing. We are buying things for someone else. Neither for me nor for Mommy nor for JD. He hated Wife's belly, though he understood, to the best of a 2-year-old's ability, that there was a baby inside.

And Wife was home more often. In the last two months, she probably averaged one day off per two weeks and began coming home before he would wake from his afternoon nap. This probably caused some of the most stress, as he didn't know when he could and couldn't expect her to be around. Follow that with her 'intruding' on our routine and nutritional patterns. It would be enough to make anyone's head spin. Or, at least, make one's emotions unstable. And we're dealign with a 2-year-old.

And wife was having a harder time sleeping which meant my computer time was cut down by more than an hour per day. It used to be, I would put JD to bed around 8:30pm, then sit with Wife for another hour before she'd be asleep, then I'd go do some cleanup and then some computer fun.

Finally, my computer is in the basement, which limits the amount of access I have to writing when I have thoughts. My next move is to check the availability of putting another modem in the kitchen so I don't have to go down there every time I want to write or check something.