Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Reward the Parent

While having a discussion with Bunny, I realized that something I said was actually good advice. 

After school, I want the kids to clean out their backpacks and do their homework right away. They do not and want to play. Of course, there never comes a time when they look forward to doing their homework and it often slips away if I'm not all over them. (Of course, that is part of my job.)

Today, I found Bunny painting. Of course, that's fine, but I would have wanted her to do her homework before starting a project like that. However, I'm trying to be all zen today, so I said, "Just make sure that you leave time to do your homework before we have to go to swimming." That gave her about 45 minutes to paint and do a routine assignment. It also prompted push back.

"Can't I do it after swimming?"
"It'll be late after we get home."
"But maybe I'll want to do it then."
"Do you really think that there will come a time when you actually want to do your homework?"
"Bunny, you know that I wanted you to do it after school, and now you're painting. I'm trying to be flexible, but don't push it too far. Just like you like to be rewarded when you do something good, you should reward me when I'm fair and flexible with you by doing what you're told."

That actually struck me. I think kids should be told that, just like they like a treat when they go out shopping with us and behave decently or get extra screen time, we like to be rewarded for giving extra privileges with good behavior.

Not that it's going to change anything, but perhaps it puts something into their heads. Give it a try and let me know if you get any results.