Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mystery Puddle & Potty Tricks

In the last few weeks, I have spotted small puddles on the left side of the main toilet in our house.

Finally, two and two were put together. First, I thought there may be something wrong with the toilet. I suppose the fact that there isn't something wrong with the toilet is, in fact, a good thing. The alternative, however . . .

Yes, JD's aim is a little off. Let's put it this way: if he were a strategic bomber, he would be killing thousands of innocent civilians.

Confronting him about it, he readily admitted his error. I simply told him to use a towel to clean it up and tell me about it so I can clean it. No big deal.

Next day? Puddle. Not only that, but from a certain angle, I could see the abuse put upon the wall next to the toilet. Like a car having dried after being out in a rain storm.

This with our house going on the market soon.

I have heard about Cheerios and other target ideas. Frankly, I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm wondering if he doesn't know how to deal with morning wood.

Yeah, I said it. Let's just call a spade a spade and move on.

Anyway, ladies, it turns out that it's a gigantic pain to pee with a hard-on. I have learned suck up my pride and sit down, way far back on the toilet so that my butt is hitting the tank, then push down so that the pain-to-aim ratio is low.

JD is not ready for these tricks.

Frankly, as much as I'd like to do something about it, there is so much more teaching that I have to make time for him that missing the toilet a few times a week is not high up on the chart.

Yes, cleaning up pee is less important that reading, writing, and arithmetic.


  1. Cute Blog kiddo, very imaginative. I am sympathetic about the puddle. I have an adult male in the house who is not much better :o)

  2. 4 males in the house...I've passed on a house policy that I learned from my mother--they all sit down to pee. They are allowed to stand when using a public bathroom.
    Not always fool proof but not much to clean up after 16 years.

  3. I have thought a lot about that strategy, Chikadee. It is very much a pride thing. What a stupid thing to give such dedication. Yet, the idea of sitting to pee just does not compute. Will just wipe up more.

    And, instead of putting the sitting lid down, I put the whole thing down. That way, the woman and the man equally have to deal with the toilet seat.

    1. LOL if it works, it works. I have always hated cleaning up the missed marks. Must have been those college days cleaning bathrooms...