Thursday, January 5, 2012

Time Management *update*

This is an update from the "Email Backup . . ." entry from yesterday, 1/4/12.

How'd it go? There were a few things that I didn't get to, but overall, a success. There were some things that I couldn't foresee.

First, the UPS store entry. I was helping a friend who took her family to San Diego for a month. They forgot one piece of luggage that had some important items. In trying to find the best way to ship the bag, I tried to call the UPS store before going there (you know, from the old Illinois Bell commercials, "Phone First.") Though it was during business hours, they didn't pick up in several phone calls spanning about an hour. That threw off my cooking timing and time to spend with JD. C'est la vie.

Bunny was being "extra special" yesterday. Highly volatile. Well, even more so than usual. After returning home from preschool, it was a battle. Sitting down to play a game probably would have been the best thing to do, but I had to tend to the Chipotle Chicken Chowder on the stove. Then she pooped in her diaper just before we were scheduled to leave. That was my fault - not making time to put her on the toilet in plenty of time before we left the house.

And that's the thing that I see is a problem with having a tightly wound schedule like this. It sets time limits rather than priorities.

Oh, and it took a long long time to construct that schedule.

Perhaps I can set blocks of time in which I can accomplish like items. For example, I probably could have started JD on a table time activity together with tasks he could do on his own while I did various steps of the recipe. Instead of setting a time for Jewel, USPS, dry cleaners, and UPS store, I should have done them all after showering, as they are all within a square block of one another.

Thanks, Ed, for giving me some software tips. I fell asleep during TV time with Wife, but will peruse them tomorrow night. Of course, I did make time for some guitar. Working on Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues and Turkey in the Straw. Probably should work on some more relevant songs than Turkey in the Straw, though. :-)

Tonight is stir fry night with brown rice, an 8:00pm haircut, then a 9:40pm hockey game.

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