Monday, January 23, 2012

Good Start = Good Day

Today was a good parent day for me.

I hope that my best parent days are not when both the kids are in school.

What made it a good day?
-Maintained patience
-Use positive motivational tools and positive reinforcement consistently
-Managed time well
-Did some homemaking, some parenting, some stuff for me, some stuff for Wife

More specifically:

Started the day having woken up before the kids. That seems to make a huge difference consistently. There really is something that makes me . . . resentful when they wake me up. And it's not like they wake up particularly early - early for them is 6:30 while normal is more like 7:00, sometimes as late as 7:30, though that is rare. Bunny tends to wake up earlier than JD and will wake him up.

JD's 5th birthday was on the 12th. Included in his gifts from his (yikes) four parties were some math flash cards. So I busted them out and, using the wall calendar, did some simple addition.

I had laundry, phone calls and errands. Did everything get done? No. Does it ever? Rarely. Did the essentials get accomplished. Yes.

And that's where I struggle. Getting those one or two essentials done because I was focused on something that could have been accomplished at another time.

It's 11:42 PM! I have to go to sleep so I can get up before the kids and have another great start to the day.

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