Wednesday, January 18, 2012

List of Awesome

The awesome things that happened today:
I ran 3.5 miles in 31 minutes in 20 degree weather.
Bunny and I shared a glass of chocolate milk. She absolutely loves chocolate milk and so do I. We are both big chocolate lovers, in general.
Instead of serving veggies on the kids' plates with the rest of their dinner where they could easily be ignored, I had them come to the table and handed them plates with nothing but a carrot each. That and the promise that their pizza (split 1/2 slice from a large pizza) and hot dog (uncured chicken dog from Trader Joe's) would be ready soon. Worked like a charm.
Remembered to pick up dry cleaning so that Wife would have a clean suit for her big deposition tomorrow.
Bunny pooped in the bathtub and I did not get arrested for toddlercide. Instead, I got the kids out of the bath and into the shower, gave her a good dressing-down, and sent her to bed with no story. Don't worry, she probably read or was read to 5-10 times today.
JD and I played some crazy game with cut-outs from paper plates I had intended for use in obstacle courses while watching the Blackhawks spank the Buffalo Sabres.
Kept my schedule.

Focus on the positive and the negative suddenly looks as insignificant and powerless as it really was.

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