Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Roast Beef

As usual, JD was in his high chair with my wife and I flanking him right and left, respectively, at our round, black table at dinner time. JD was served a roast beef sandwich with cheese and bacon (yeah, a Kosher meal, I know) on whole wheat. My wife and I were having salads with grilled chicken and ginger soy dressing. (Trader Joe's Fat Free dressings are amazing.)

JD was happy eating sandwiches until about a week ago when he decided he could go straight for the bread and discard the internal components. So last night, he was taking the roast beef, etc., off of the sandwich in favor of the mayo-covered bread.

As the meal went on, we started joking and laughing as usual. Suddenly, JD took a piece of the discarded roast beef and threw it at my wife. It stuck to her left upper arm. As if a booger had flown onto her she said, "Get it off!"

After removing the cold cut from her arm, I knew that I had to say something to him about throwing food, but it was too funny and I had to hide my hysterics in silence. I pulled my shirt collar up over my face and turned away so JD would not see my face turning red and my snickers


  1. You of course said "get it off yourself". Right?

  2. You of course said "get it off yourself". Right?