Monday, August 25, 2008

Mini Golf

I went to the miniature golf course located outside the Diversey Driving Range. Accompanying me was a friend of mine and JD. With my membership to the park district golf association, it was $6 per adult and JD was free.

A good thing he was free, too, because he didn't play. He held the club and the ball and ran up and down the greens on each hole, occasionally stopping to 1) step into the cup, seeing if he could twist his ankle or 2) throw his ball into a water hazard.

Eventually, the course became less about trying to putt the ball into the hole and more seeing who could putt their ball to the hole without JD getting in the way. Upon completion of a hole and walking up to the next, JD would run about ten feet up the new green and then stop. Right in the middle of the putting alley, he would just stop and look at us.

Oh, he would run onto adjacent greens, especially the one occupied by the little girls. I kid you not, he found them and flirted as well as a 19-month-old can. They were charmed.

My friend was cool about the whole thing. We certainly weren't there to compete for the putt-putt championship, but rather to hang out and give him a chance to see my boy for a bit.

It actually was fun, but we could probably had just as much fun dragging his t-ball set out to a park and hitting some line drives. He's currently hitting the ball about ten to fifteen feet every other swing. Maybe I'll figure out how to put some video on this blog thing. Oh, and update pictures.

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