Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Great Moments

Today was my wife and my third anniversary. Aside from our date tonight, I brought JD downtown to her office where I gave her flowers and went out to lunch.

First of all, I prefer to arrange my own flowers. Maybe if we had tons of extra cash, I would be more open to sending flowers, but I was able to buy a dozen red roses and two dozen petite roses for the price of delivery. And I'm pretty good at arranging, if I do say so myself.

So JD and I drove downtown and brought the vase up to her floor, where I would page her to bring us inside. After paging, I gave JD one of the petite roses and hid in the adjacent hallway. My wife opened the door and crouched down. JD, rose in hand, took off toward her and then, as he got close said, "Mommy!" and stuck out his hand, offering the rose to her. I could not have staged it any better.

It's moments like that that make being a parent worth any of the hardships that kids can give us.

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