Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Funny Thing About Kids

At playgroup today, there were a group of the "older" kids, ages 3-6, who spent much of the time in an upstairs room of the host's house. Every ten minutes there would be some yelling, followed by some crying, and a parent would go up and straighten everything out. Sometimes the crying child would head downstairs to try to get some cuddling and tell his or her side of the story first.

One little boy, one of the youngest in that group, came downstairs crying a couple of times. One time one of the other kids stole the toy he was playing with; another time he was pushed to the floor. Both times he took a few minutes with the adults, then went back upstairs to get back into the mix.

When his mother told him that it was time to leave (as it was for everyone), he started crying that he didn't want to go. I guess fun hurts sometimes.

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