Monday, June 17, 2013

Morning Rush

I kept the kids at a family-friend party until 9:45 last night. Shockingly, we all got up late this morning. Fortunately, I have developed a can't-fail method to get everybody ready and out the door on time.

Get out-the-door-ready first.

What does that mean?

Get dressed - check.

Lunch(es) made - check.

Backpack packed - check.

After those things are done, my hierarchy goes:
brush hair
brush teeth

The first things to get done are those that you can't leave without. Lunch and homework. That will screw up the kids' day a lot worse than being a little hungry. And, you'd better have some kind of granola bar, cookie, chips, (who cares?) in your cabinet for these OH, SHIT! moments. They can eat them on the way.

Potty in last? That's right - there are bathrooms at school.

And, please, tell me you haven't left the house without brushing your teeth once or twice, especially when you were a kid. One good way to combat that is giving the kids a piece of fruit for breakfast. It won't remove plaque, but it will get their breath going in the right (or less offensive) direction.

Brushing hair reduces the family's chances of being judged on lack of appearance.

Oh, and the other thing that gets this going: screaming. Wow, is that effective! JD is eating his whole wheat toast with neufchatel slowly? Scream! Bunny is taking her sweet time brushing her tiny white teeth and getting her little white sandals with the sparkly flowers on? Scream!

They will still love you. If the children of crackheads and abusive alcoholics still love their parents, yours will still love you after a good round of aggressive motivation.

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  1. Cheese is another good food if you can't brush your teeth--the calcium is good for your teeth. Best thing to eat at the end of a meal if you can't brush for awhile too.