Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gimme The Beef - Update

When last we met, I had drastically undercooked the roasts I used to make roast beef. My plan was to slice up one and freeze the second. When I would defrost the second, I would put it in the oven and complete the cooking process.

It worked really well. The one thing that I may do next time will be to leave it out to come to room temperature, then bake it for longer. I failed to take into consideration that the directions said to go from 500 to 300 which is much different, of course, than going from room temp to 300. Will let you know how this progresses.

In the mean time, I did make another roast. This time I only bought one. Instead of seasoning then putting in the oven, I wrapped the roast and let it sit in the seasoning all night. This proved to work out quite nicely. I did, however, forget the olive oil. I'm not sure how much different the roast would have turned out but this turned out great, as I followed the baking directions more closely.

This was a three-pound roast, though, and we're not going to eat three pounds of roast beef in one week. So I cut it into thirds and froze two of the pieces, slicing up the third. I also sliced it thinner than last time. It came out great. We'll see how the other pieces defrost and slice.

One thing that I may need to pick up is a cutting board that has irrigation channels as these roasts shed a lot of juice. I also need to figure out what to do with all of that juice and also consider whether I'm allowing it to rest long enough.

That's part of the fun of cooking is experimenting with a recipe until you get it right and it becomes your own!

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