Thursday, January 31, 2013

5 o'cocktail

On one hand, it makes me sad that I occasionally use alcohol to help me cope with my late afternoon / early evening "I've had it" feelings.

On the other hand, who the fuck cares? I feel fantastic!

And it doesn't help me "escape." I am well aware that my "problems" are small and are with me the whole time as opposed to the concept that they will be there when I come down.

In some ways, I think, in a small dose, not a case of beer or a bottle of wine, but a single serving, can bring serotonin back from depressed levels. Terrific rationalization. See "The Big Chill" about rationalizations. The question is, how will my chemical balance be once the euphoria wears off?

At least the Arizona Wildcats are playing tonight! They'd better win!

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