Sunday, October 31, 2010

I hate ironing

I do. There is something really . . . demeaning about it. To me, there are three cleaning jobs that define domesticity: scrubbing floors, cleaning toilets, and ironing.

But I do it anyway. Why? My wife is an attorney, so she wears suits and office attire every day. Dry cleaning, even at the $2.49 places, gets pricey. I just finished ironing 4 pairs of slacks.  There are four cardigans hanging up (thank goodness she's allergic to wool!). That's $20 per week, or $80 per month. I just bought myself 8 hours of babysitting!


  1. As a former slave to the dry cleaner, I highly recommend one of two strategies:


    2) Before there was DVR forwarding, there was ironing through commercials during football in the Kuperstock household. This rings true in California as it did in Connecticut and Illinois.

    Just my two cents. Cleaning toilets, on the other hand, will always suck.

  2. I totally agree, and I never do it even if bodies leave the house embarrassingly wrinkled...