Monday, December 29, 2008

Action Figure House

In guiding the family to purchase presents for JD that we have a “need” for, I wrote a fake letter to Santa detailing roughly ten items that would be good to purchase. One of those requests was for a unisex-oriented doll house.

If you've ever shopped for a doll house, you know that most of them are designed for girls. They are frilly with pink trim. There are some out there that are not as feminine, the nice all-wood ones. Ideally, I would have loved a large wooden house for him, but those are very expensive. My Mother-in-law gave him as gender-neutral a house as exists, the Fisher-Price Little People Busy Day Home.

When I told my friend TJ about the request, he questioned (99% in jest) whether a doll house would be the most suitable toy for a boy. I explained to him the developmental benefits of imaginary play. He accepted that with a tablespoon of salt. After all, he would never have such a toy for his two boys.

The next day, TJ called me up to tell me he'd had a revelation. “It's not a doll house, it's an action figure house!”

I like that. I can't help it; I'm still a guy. The idea of JD playing with some little people and make-believe house is one thing. There is no way on this Earth that he'll start playing Barbie. Maybe – a big maybe – if he becomes friends with a girl and on playdates at her house he plays with her Barbies because she's making him or that's all there is to do there. Sort of like toddler flirting. But he will never own a Barbie or anything like that.

Extrapolating on that idea, when JD wants more dolls to put into the house, we'll go about it differently. Of course, there are the little people who are part of this line of toy. But don't be surprised to see a Lance Briggs or Jonathan Toews doll in there. Maybe some little green army men. You know, JD and his buddies can raid the house like Navy SEALS on Al-Qaeda terrorists, that kind of thing. X-Men, Justice League. . . you get the idea.

Unrelated to this story, his hockey development continues to grow. His mother-in-law also got him a pair of “inline” skates (Fisher-Price My First Skates). As soon as he saw them, he had to put them on. He would wear them all day and all night if I allowed him. He is already able to stand up on them on carpet and pass a puck. Good times.

When I figure out how to deal with videos, I'll add one or two of him playing. Yeah, and he'll be 2 January 12.

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  1. Hooray for gender neutrality in toys. My brother had a My Buddy doll and he turned out to be a meat-eating, heterosexual, sports-loving dude. Nothing wrong with encouraging your son to play with people-oriented toys and nothing wrong with a daughter enjoying play with object toys like trucks or cars.