Thursday, September 4, 2008


Upon arriving home after purchasing my contact lenses, I submitted everything the rebate form called for: dated sales receipt, dated eye exam receipt, and box tops. For once, I actually photocopied the information that I sent so that they would not be able to BS me. The only thing I did not record was the date the information was mailed.

After the waiting period they said to expect, 10-12 weeks, nothing arrived. What a shock. I called the company. The person said that they didn't receive my box tops. I knew that was BS because I had photocopied them and told him so. He said, because you're a valued customer, we'll send out a check within 4 to 6 weeks. Gee, thanks. He didn't even take time to say he would talk to a supervisor.

Most people know this, but as a reminder, beware of mail-in rebates. They don't want to give you the money. You have to stay on top of them and keep all of your information so that they can't ask you anything you can't answer.

The company in question is CooperVision. I Googled "coopervision rebate" and found 2 complaints about the lack of rebate response. Just another way businesses make it necessary to put so much legislation in place.

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