Thursday, April 24, 2008

NCAA Tournament

I think they should just have the first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament. Maybe the first two weeks.

For most of us, those are the only exciting times. There are games going on all the time. The promise of the picks you've made on your bracket (or brackets). Buzzer-beaters, Cinderellas, choke-artists, and overnight heroes.

As the second and third weekends come and go, though, the excitement has died down.

Yeah, yeah, if your school is in it or your brackets are lucky enough, it stays exciting. Perhaps you've taken an interest in the year's Cinderella story.

My wife was in love with Stephen Curry from Davidson. She loves the idea of smart kids excelling in sports.

The University of Arizona is my alma mater. They have been disappointing for a couple of seasons in a row. The only solace I could take was that their Tournament loss was to West Virginia who went pretty far.

But when the Final Four came up, I really could have cared less. Memphis was an interesting story, but they were a disappointment in the National Championship game. There was the fact that all four No. 1 seeds were in the Final Four. North Carolina did not make the Championship game.

And yet with all of that hoopla, I only watched because there was nothing else on TV.

But now, there's the NHL playoffs...

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