Wednesday, April 16, 2008

15 months

Here I am, back from my writing hiatus. No, I was not part of the writer's strike. No, nothing tragic has happened. Simply put, I was not in a writing phase.

Here I am, ready to spill my guts once again.

JD is now 15 months old. He is walking full speed and only falls once or twice a day. The main culprits are obstacles like blocks, a chair legs, and my feet. (I can't help it - size 14. My wife doesn't complain, right Honeys?)

We have been battling diaper rash, stomach flu, and increased food distastes.

JD has a rash that began in Florida. A nice trip to Miami to visit Great Grandma, just a couple of days after a random late March blizzard. It was in the 70s and 80s the whole time. The first night, though, he had a hard time sleeping and was thrashing around and rubbing his butt. We found his butt to be red like a stop light. No amount of regular diaper rash ointment helped. The second night we finally gave up at 3am and drove up to Palm Beach and back so he could sleep, ending up at a diner for a 6:30am breakfast. That was Monday morning and we were finally able to call our home pediatrician to ask for help. We enjoyed the rest of the trip (and slept) but are still battling the rash.

The doctor believes he is getting over a stomach flu. Last Friday, he randomly threw up just before dinner. After waiting a bit, we gave him some more food that was promptly given back. The vomiting subsided, but diarrhea took over and is just beginning to fade. Can I tell you what a joy it is to change a diarrhea diaper on a squirming toddler whose butt, coincidentally, itches so badly that as soon as the diaper comes off, he tries to scratch his ass? Except that his ass is covered in the smelliest, yellow liquidy substance you've ever almost vomited over? Then he thrashes and rubs his hands through his hair. It is one of life's great pleasures. Plenty of pedialyte (acutally, the generic version at Osco. Can't beat 2 for $5.00.)

Food-wise, JD rarely eats vegetables of any kind. The occasional carrot or piece of corn. Gone are the days of broccoli and peas being gobbled up as happily as a nice piece of fish. Oh yeah, no fish, either. He prefers bread and anything breaded. His favorites: Tyson's breaded chicken tenders (3 lb. bag from Costco; they are awesome), and egg sandwiches with cheese on whole wheat. He loves fruit; especially strawberries, grapes, canteloupe, and bananas.

His communication skills improve everyday, as are my parenting skills. I am getting better at talking to him constantly. I've been told over and over to talk to him, but that was driven home by a website whose content mimics the information provided to pediatric therapists regarding children's milestones by age. It helped by saying specifically to constantly talk about whatever the child is doing at any given moment. That helps, because it's easier to describe and ask about what he's doing, rather than trying to talk about what's on my mind. He also accepts several verbal commands.

One example of his understanding verbal commands was with his stuffed animals. This morning at the pediatrician's office, he expressed anxiety upon entering the exam room. I took out his stuffed pig and told him, "Hug piggy." JD grabbed it and gave it a big hug. It was really sweet and really cute. He did the same at naptime to his teddy bear in his crib.

And these are the things that are happening with JD. More to come from me, as I strive to make my way as a man in a woman's world. Gymboree, public parks, and grocery shopping, oh my! Also, March Madness, NHL Playoffs, and Johnny's Ice House Playoffs, and the White Sox.

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  1. We crossed paths- we were in Chicago when you were on your trip. Next time!

    Diaper rash- triple paste hands down. The stuff is a gift from G-d! Its not always out on the shelf, just as the pharm. and they can get it in. Only thing that saves my kid's tushes.