Monday, June 4, 2007

Great Article

I wonder if some of my friends wonder what it is I do when I'm being an at-home dad. Although I don't think anyone thinks that I'm having a grand ol' time all day every day, even I have a difficult time explaining what it is I do all day. Here's a great article responding to a person who wonders what at-home parents do.

I wanted to add something to what at-homes do, or something that I try to do:
Make sure that, when my wife gets home, she doesn't have to do anything. That dinner is almost ready. That I am presentable as is the house. That the baby is ready for love but is not crying for it.

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  1. to be honest, three kids four and under the little down time i get I am not cooking and cleaning. My husband and I agreed- my job is mom not housekeeper and chef. Considering I have night shift as well, he comes home and helps me clean and does dishes. I cook when he gets home or make double on the weekends so I can reheat during the week. I get computer time when the baby nurses cause I have become a pro at nursing with no hands! The boys use the time for art or puzzles at my feet so I can still help them. Nap time is ME time- I DO nap if I can because I don't sleep at night much. My best advice for someone just starting- find a routine that best works for you. everyone's life is different so what you do as a SAHP is going to be different.