Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sounding Off

A quickie...

I typically put my son in a swing for his naps. Today, I tried to experiment with his crib. He was awake when I put him in his crib. I wound his musical mobile and left the room. After the music stopped, he started making noise. I put on some Miles Davis and went in his room to give him is pacifier. He saw me and started crying. I picked him up and walked him around. Nothing doing. I had just changed his diaper. Finally, I turned off Miles and turned on the recording of last night's hockey game (game 6, Western Conference Finals, Ducks vs. Red Wings.) Although he hasn't fallen asleep, he's quietly rocking in his swing and watching the game. I guess jazz just isn't for everyone.

This corresponds to an experience my mother had while babysitting. During the NCAA men's basketball tournament, my mother came to babysit while my wife and I went out to dinner. Before grandma came, we had been watching the games. When we left, she turned off the TV (or changed the station, not sure which.) He started crying. She turned it back on and he stopped crying and started watching.

I don't like the idea of TV for infants, but I can't help that he genuinely enjoys watching sports. He likes hockey and basketball more than baseball. He did watch the NFC and AFC championship games in the hospital at two days old. Maybe I should get a recording of "sounds of the game" for his mobile.

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