Monday, December 28, 2015

Cousinly Love

Last night, we had one of my nephews overnight for the first time. The kids had a lot of fun playing in the afternoon and evening. They read until around 9:00pm, then it was time for lights out.

JD's bed is a twin-over-full bunk with a trundle, so all three were able to sleep in the room with Bunny on the trundle and nephew on top.

About 30 minutes later, I passed by the room and heard them goofing around. I told them it was time to go to sleep. Almost immediately, I started thinking about that.

This was nephew's first time sleeping over. It's winter break.

Yesterday, we were at a Chanukah party (yes, it ended on the 14th, but sometimes you just can't get everyone together.) It was at a family friend's house and I've known them most of my life so that we are more family than friends. So when an aunt heard that nephew was sleeping over, she reminisced about how she still remembers those times with her cousins so many years ago. That made me remember how I still have memories with my cousins, how those memories are the foundation for our relationships that are still strong today.

A little while later, I heard them again, telling Bunny to be quiet. Going into the room, I told them that, if they wanted to, they could lay in bed with the lights off and talk quietly with a brief explanation of how I still remembered these times from when I was a kid, blah blah blah. I figured they would talk for a while and then pass out.

This morning, Wife sent me a text saying that there were notes left outside our bedroom door and that the kids were up very late. I wondered how she knew that they were up late. It turns out that the notes have the time written on them.

Bunny is shuving her way through the top bunk.

Bunny took JD's pencil and is eating it and the eraser and is sticking it at our bodies.

Bunny is ripping papers and shredding them then throwing them at us.

Bunny is randomly ripping papers out for no reason. She is also taking all of the covers on the upper bunk.

Bunny ripped JD's dino mask and is pulling off the mattres cover to "fool" JD.

"'JD's room stinks.' - Written by Bunny" (no time indicated)

Dear Mom & Dad 12-27-15
Mom and just so you know that Bunny was making fun of me and Nephew and lighing [lying] about what she shows and being meen [mean] so would you be kind have a tock [talk] with her.
Senserly, [sincerely] JD (no time indicated)

Apparently, Bunny was being annoying. They're going to remember how much fun they had :)

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