Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Some People Just Don't Like the Indigo Girls

I sing to bunny almost every night at bedtime. Common songs include, Jingle Bells, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Fools Rush In.

A few nights ago she asked, "Daddy, will you a song you've never sang to me." 

I'm not very good at memorizing lyrics, so I used my phone to look up the lyrics to Closer To Fine. 

/I'm trying to tell you something about my life.../

She interrupted me. "Daddy, I don't like this song. Sing jingle bells."

So, I got pissed. I get mad when I put forth extra effort and the recipient says it isn't good enough. So I told her that I was upset and that I was leaving. We would try again tomorrow.

Should I have just said, "Okay, sweetie," and sang her song?

The damned flip-flopping! 

I want this, no, I want that! 

I can't stand it. It makes me crazy. Sometimes I lose my mind.

This time, I kept my cool and kept my word. No song tonight.

Was I wrong?


  1. Yes, one day Bunny will ask you not to sing to her any more. Ever. She is growing up, she loves your attention and the special singing time. If she asks you to sing that dang irritating "What Does the Fox Say?"...sing it. You will have many other things to lose your mind about, trust me.

    1. I know that that day will come and it will be abrupt, rather than gradual. Perhaps I'll remember the number of nights that I did sing which will overwhelm the number of nights that I withheld the privilege. The reality is that withholding a lullaby is not going to change her behavior.