Sunday, July 28, 2013

Reminiscent Reminder

Going back through my old blog posts has shown me a few things. First, how bad a writer I can be. Second, how nice it is to see the kids' schedules.

Being in the thick of it for so long, it's easy to forget what JD ate when he was a year old (or two or three.) Reading about how Bunny used to push herself around the floor when she was a baby and then would cruise around on furniture when she as seven or eight months old.

Even more than that, what time they would wake up, what they would eat for breakfast, and all of the routine, dare I say, "The mundane."

I don't know if I ever talked about my walks to and from school with LL or Cricket and how that formed lasting friendships.

Did I ever write about the things that the kids would bring home after school or how they behaved at drop off and pickup?

There is no way to capture everything, but as I look back, I get a reminder of how much things have changed. So often, the days feel so melted into one another, it feels as if there is no transition. In the meantime, major things happen at regular intervals that pushes our evolution. From the end of a day, week or month to school, camp, and interactions with various babysitters and extracurricular activities, there is a great of change in our lives.

Can I capture everything? No.

But maybe if I simply make small comments about life, they will pay big dividends later. For instance, instead of waiting for great inspiration to write an entry, just list some current events. The book we read every night or the night time routine.

Oh, the other thing I meant to mention is how embarrassed I am at how I left reader comments without reply nearly 100% of the time. That is awful. I plan to remedy that in the future. Thank you all who have left feedback. It always makes me smile and grateful that people appreciate my perspective and feel compelled to add to my discussion.

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