Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Just a thought . . .

I'm sitting here, working in a fundraising letter for our elementary school when I noticed something. My computer screen has the wrong orientation. When I'm working on documents or looking at the internet, my screen should not be long left-to-right (landscape) like a widescreen TV, is should be long top-to-bottom (portrait) like a periodical or a sheet of paper.

So if any hardware or technology developers are out there reading this, take note that I want a monitor that can rotate like a tablet so that, when I'm doing word processing or web surfing, I have more space top-to-bottom. When I'm watching visual media, I can turn it to "landscape" orientation to maximize the wide aspect ratio.


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  2. Displays like that already exist, and have for quite a long time. :)

  3. I see that, now! The new question is: would I spend the money on one?