Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Try It

Toodles was sitting in the middle of the carpeted basement floor with a few little animal action figures arranged in front of her. She was holding a miniature soda bottle from a kitchen play set. Holding the mouth of the bottle to each animal's lips she said, "Try it."

Earlier this morning, I made and served pancakes to the kids. Toodles noticed that I was dipping mine in syrup, so she pointed and said, "Sauce." I put a dot of syrup on her tray and said, "Dip your pancake in the syrup." She declined. So I took the pancake in her hand, dipped it in the syrup and, against her will - trying to twist and turn away from me, touched the syrup to her lips. She licked a couple of times, opened her eyes, smiled, and went to town on pancakes and syrup, her new-found joy.

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