Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sick Blues

Laying in bed for a couple of days watching Band of Brothers On Demand on HBO sounds like heaven on Earth.

That is, unless it comes at the price of strep throat.

I woke up around 5:30am Sunday morning with a terribly sore throat and feeling as though I'd played in a triple-overtime hockey game the night before that featured several fights in which I was one of the men with his gloves on the ice. Toodles and JD woke up at 6:30, so I get them breakfast and played in the living room. Not feeling well, I took my temperature. 98.9. Nothing remarkable.

It was Wife's day to sleep in, so she woke up at 8:30 or 9:00.

After informing her that I was terribly tired, I went back upstairs and fell asleep for three hours. Then I felt a fever had come on. 101.5. Back to bed. 3:00 rolled around. 103.5. Time for Tylenol and to make arrangements for help on Monday. It was unlikely I would be able to watch the kids.

Mother-in-Law took the 9-2:30 shift, while JK took the afternoon shift till Wife came home.

In the mean time, I went down to see Dr. Stewart at Northwestern Internists. He's my man. Spots on my throat. Took cultures for influenza and strep. Influenza negative. Strep positive. Amoxicillin. Plenty of fluids and food if my throat could take it. Tylenol. Rest.

Back to bed. With a bowl of matzo ball soup and a side of challah bread from The Bagel on Broadway. That was awesome of JK to pick up.

Being sick sucks. I still feel run down at the end of the day, but each day has been better. I am no longer contagious. Should be back to 100% within a week. Till then, wish me well and my kids to be patient, sweet, and quiet.


  1. Gargle with salt water twice daily. It helps to speed up the healing in your throat. Old time medicine but it does help. Unless you are like me and choke every time you try to gargle.

  2. Oh boy, hope the kids don't get it...Challah, omg, that and the soup will cure ya... tho drugs will Kids and getting sick don't mix... sleep man, as much as u can...

  3. Welcome to parenthood. I get it 2-3 times a year min from the kiddos. Just wait till you have one in school full time. I live on tea with honey and lemon juice during those times. Feel better. Wish we lived closer so I could help you out.

  4. Several years ago I went home from work with strep...terrible, trembling, high fever, chills--strep. In addition I still had kids to deal with, no time to be sick. The doctor gave me anti biotics the needle and stringe way right in the tukis...I felt soooo much better the next day. Ask for THAT the next time...the shot, not strep haha

  5. Thanks for your well wishes. I had been drinking about a quart of green tea per day except for a couple of days leading up to the contraction of the virus.

    I did gargle with salt water once and did Neti Pot (which is awesome for colds as well as allergies) but did not do so on a continued basis. Your reminders will help me keep it up to get rid of this asap! Thanks.

  6. hope you are showing improvement....if you don't mind a word of advice from an old lady, steer clear of the pop and the dairy for a few days. both those items increase mucous and make the throat even more uncomfortable.