Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happiness Is Watching a Toddler Run

It's the head bobbing back and forth. Or is it the hands waving uncontrollably? Or is it the heavy steps? Or is it the smile? Or is it the drool? Or is it the wonder in his eyes? Or is it the intent on his face?
There really is something incredibly special and fun about watching a toddler run. Do it sometime. Just watch him or her run around. JD goes from room to room, chasing me or my wife, running away from me playing monster, or going to the door when the doorbell rings.
Sometimes he'll run down the hallway and stop before reaching the living room and peek around the corner to see what's there.
Sometimes he'll run into the room, smile and screech, turn around and run the other way.
Sometimes he'll run full force into my crotch, forehead and fists first.
He trips, falls, and gets back up. A great adventure is finding a ramp that he can run up, turn around, then run back down, repeat. Over and over.
I'm even writing a song about it. Seriously.
If you get the chance, go to a park and watch the toddlers run around. They'll run, then stop and look around, then run some more.
You'll wish you could have the same sense of wonder, curiosity, and anxiousness to figure it all out.

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