Thursday, January 24, 2008

How Quickly Things Change

I don't think it was due to my last entry, but a couple of my friends have quickly come around. One friend came over yesterday, the other called to make plans.

The first called Monday to see if I was available on Wednesday; he had a day off and wanted to spend it with me and JD. I was surprised but happy. JD and I picked him up and we played with JD for about 90 minutes, including lunch. Then JD went down for his nap and my friend and I played XBox 360 for the duration of his nap. We played a little bit more with JD before driving my friend home.

It was a lot of fun. He was really good with JD. JD took to him very quickly and gave him several big hugs. It was everything I'd been asking for.

On top of that, another friend of the same class called to see if we could all get together next weekend for a boys night out. I swear, feast or famine! Maybe my rant was the voice of our collective need to see each other.

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